Academic Language Services GmbH

1. Language Editing

Here’s an example of a language-edited text as it was returned to the author:
(Anonymized Editing Sample.pdf)

2. Developmental Language Editing

The language-edited texts returned to authors are similar to the example above; the Zoom conversations are not recorded unless the author requests this.

3. Writing Coaching and Consultation

What’s the difference between coaching and consultation?

  • Coaching improves your writing technique directly; you and your coach look together at some of your sentences and paragraphs. Typically, you’ll begin by examining some text or ideas. Then, you’ll watch improvements being made or sentences formulated, and finally, you’ll improve or write your own drafts. Coaching conversations can also be about hands-on techniques for making the writing process more efficient and online tools for overcoming particular problems.
  • Consultation involves conversations about diverse aspects of your writing practice and situation. These may not result directly in improvements to a particular section of text by the conversation’s end, but you’ll be equipped with knowledge, techniques, and approaches to better tackle your specific writing challenge.

We can record your coaching and consultation sessions and provide you with links to the recordings if you prefer.

4. Tailored Writing Courses

Here’s an outline for a course taught via Zoom to doctoral students in climate science:
(CS Overview.pdf)

Here’s an outline for a course taught via Zoom to master students in biomedical engineering:
(BME Overview.pdf)